Monday, January 19, 2015

Motivate Me Monday #2

Hey Y'all!

It's Monday so let's start it off the right way!! Go into to Monday head first and take charge. Set small goals for the week to keep you motivated and help the week go by. Find you a song for the week and make it your week's anthem. Rock out and be a rock star and not let Monday put you in a funk.

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So for a little extra motivation, I'm linking up with Miss Angie for Musical Mondays & Melyssa for Weekly Wishes.

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I only managed to complete 3 of my last week's goals due to my hectic schedule and trying to secure this job so this week's goal is pretty simple being the only 3 I wasn't able to complete.

1. Organize my blog plan for the remainder of January.
2. Schedule all social media post for January blog posts.
3. Make final changes to blog design.
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Now hopefully this week goes a lot better than last week. Do you have a song or goals for the week? Tweet Me about them!

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