Friday, January 16, 2015

Top 5 in Sports This Week

This week has had its ups and downs for me but it has been amazing in sports news. So lets get right to it.

Mo Williams scores 52 points and breaks the Twolves 15 game losing streak.
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Not bad for a guy from Mississippi. Literally growing up a few houses down from him and graduating from the same high school I am so genuinely happy and proud of him.

Antonio Brown named a 2015 Pro Bowl Captain!
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This is so important to Steelers Nation because after losing to the fucking Ravens because we get to live in the NFL a little big longer.

KG headbutt's Dwight Howard

Oh this made my day. Did you see KG mouth, "On my Mama"?? That's how you know it was about to get serious. To be honest with you, I miss the old days when the NBA was more physical. I looked forward to watching the games especially a Pistons game because I knew someone was going to start a fight.

Coach Cal VS Dickey V

Coach Calipari wasn't having it when it came to Dick Vitale comments about how he's running his organization. It made me laugh.

Ohio State Wins National Championship
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Ohio State beats Oregon 42-20 for National Championship. I'm proud of Ohio they played well today.

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